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The SMARTEST Way to Set and Achieve Goals – Part 7

by Sherry Buffington, Ph.D.

This is part seven of the SMARTEST goal setting formula.  Each of the commonly used variations from the often used SMART goal setting formulas have been incorporated into this more complete formula because they provide a broader definition of each component and can be very useful in helping coaches and their clients succeed. The last three parts, which make up the EST part of SMARTEST, adds three critically important components.  Without these the other five often never get done.

This part covers the second “S” Component – Sage, Satisfying, Sensible, Sane

The components of the SMARTEST formula are:

S – Specific, significant, stretching

M – Measurable, meaningful, motivational

A – Achievable, acceptable, agreed upon, action-oriented

R – Realistic, relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented

T – Time-based, timely, tangible, trackable

E – Exciting, energizing, effortless (Yes, effortless. You will understand why soon.)

S – Sage, satisfying, sensible, sane

T – True to your passion, purpose and mission 

In this part we will examine the second “S” component

What some people consider goals are really little more than pipe dreams because they are unrealistic and, sometimes, downright crazy.  Sage goals are goals that have been wisely thought out. They are appropriate to the time, the place and the people they will affect. Goals that are set only to please others are not sage goals. They are doomed to fail eventually, but a lot of time and money can be lost before that happens. Sage goals fit your purpose and feed your passion. They also nurture benefit everyone they affect in a true win/win fashion.

Satisfying is important to goal setting because of the motivation factor. We are motivated to keep doing things that are satisfying and to abandon things that are not, or to give them minimally effort.

Sensible and sane can be clumped together because they are both about not leaping before looking. When we take off down a path before we have examined it carefully enough we can find that we have achieved a goal we really don’t want. Many a poor marriage has occurred just this way, as have bad business decisions. The “new Coke” idea is an example. Be sure what you are pursuing is what you really want. Spending years pursuing something only to discover it isn’t satisfying or fulfilling or even acceptable, isn’t just senseless it really is insane. 


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