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The SMARTEST Way to Set and Achieve Goals – Part 6

by Sherry Buffington, Ph.D.

This is part six of the SMARTEST goal setting formula.  Each of the commonly used variations from the often used SMART goal setting formulas have been incorporated into this more complete formula because they provide a broader definition of each component and can be very useful in helping coaches and their clients succeed. The last three parts, which make up the EST part of SMARTEST, adds three critically important components.  Without these the other five often never get done.

This part covers the “E” Component – Exciting, Energizing, Effortless

The components of the SMARTEST formula are:

S – Specific, significant, stretching

M – Measurable, meaningful, motivational

A – Achievable, acceptable, agreed upon, action-oriented

R – Realistic, relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented

T – Time-based, timely, tangible, trackable

E – Exciting, energizing, effortless (Yes, effortless. You will understand why soon.)

S – Sage, satisfying, sensible, sane

T – True to your passion, purpose and mission 

The “E” factor is critically important to goal success. Goals that don’t excite us are not likely to be sustained. Getting bored or disenchanted with a goal is a primary reason why goals are abandoned. When we are pursuing goals for the wrong reasons; to please others, meet the expectations of others, etc. they soon lose their appeal and as soon as they do we begin to view them as difficult. The subconscious mind then translates them as unpleasant or pain inducing and we become resistant to doing them. At that point, unless the perception of the pain we will experience by not accomplishing the goal is greater than the perceived pain of completing it, the goal will be abandoned.

When goals are exciting, they are also energizing. When we are energized, we can work long hours at accomplishing our goals and not even notice. Time seems to fly and the entire experience is perceived as enjoyable. The subconscious mind interprets the experience as pleasure producing so wants to do more of it. This is the stuff of motivation and drive that leads us to accomplish great things in a way that truly feels effortless. To get to this place you must be doing work that feeds your passion and fulfills your purpose. That is always exciting, energizing and always feels effortless. 


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