The Quantum Leap Program includes three amazing tools that are truly life and game changing. You will get farther in just a few hours than most other methods can get you in months and even years - Guaranteed
The Quantum Leap Package includes: 
1. The CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile (CORE MAP)®alt
CORE MAP is the most comprehensive system of evaluation we know of. There is no other assessment or evaluation system anywhere at any price that measures as deeply and broadly as CORE MAP, or that gets past false perceptions and erroneous beliefs to provide an authentic baseline that is highly accurate and deeply insightful.
Those who experience CORE MAP are regularly amazed at the breadth, depth and accuracy of this powerful tool. CORE MAP gets past conditioned perceptions to reveal an individual’s true natural style and the effects of conditioning. It measures development levels across a broad spectrum of human traits, coping patterns, what causes stress and depletes energy, what motivates and energizes, and emotional intelligence in specific areas. This is a patented, proprietary tool that is available nowhere else. You will be amazed at what you will learn about yourself, the potential your were born with and what your life events have done to suppress or enhance your greatness. And you will love how the truly deep insights you receive into your authentic self and the awareness of your hidden potential gives you sets you free to soar!
You receive the full CORE MAP assessment and 60 minutes of private consultation - Value $395
2. Rapidly Accelerated Mind Patterning (RAMP)™alt
The RAMP method gets results instantly, effortlessly and permanently even where dozens of other methods have failed. It has a 22 year track record and an amazing success rate of better than 97% making it one of the most effective methods for rapid positive change available anywhere.  RAMP removes even the deepest blocks quickly, easily and pleasantly and replaces them with beneficial patterns that result in instant transformation and desirable behaviors that are effortless to maintain.
RAMP uses the rules and language of the powerful subconscious mind to update old patterns transforming them instantly to beneficial new patterns that are aligned with your goals and desires.  The result is instant, effortless positive change that lasts forever.
It is not uncommon for clients to report that they don't expect a lot because they have already tried everything out there without getting the outcome they want then to report, with great surprise and delight, that they got exactly what they wanted with RAMP.
Your private RAMP session is conducted by phone and will run 60 to 90 minutes - Value $500
3. Success-GPS™
altImagine an instrument that looks globally at what you are doing or not doing to get the results you are getting and gives you a laser-focused prescription for getting to where you want to go in quantum leaps. Success-GPS goes way beyond what you are consciously aware of and way beyond what can be discovered through typical coaching methods.
There is no condition that individuals or organizations encounter that cannot be pinpointed with laser-like accuracy using this amazing tool. With Success-GPS™, you can assess any situation and determine exactly what to focus upon for the fastest most impactful results.
You receive the Success-GPS assessment and 60 minutes of private consultation - Value $395
Total Value individually $1,290 - Package Value $997

“My personal and professional enthusiasm and consequent endorsement of the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile knows no bounds. I would describe my life as a seven out of ten before taking the CORE profile, but as a lifestyle coach, I wanted ten out of ten. I knew I had yet to experience that elusive state called 'flow.' In one personal coaching session, fifteen years of internal conflict and tension became clear. Suddenly, I understood that the reason I never felt quite right in my own soul was because it wasn't really my soul. It was the soul of the woman I thought I had to be. My journey since the CORE MAP experience has been liberating and empowering. Each day I glimpse more of the authentic woman I was always meant to be and I know that CORE MAP has been a faithful mirror that has helped me to see my true self for the very first time.”

Rebeka Rosenthal — Philadelphia, PA
alt“I have heard people talk about being "transformed" but never really understood what that meant until now. Your work has caused me to re-think my whole life… re-think my understanding of myself, my business, my relationship with my kids, my relationship with everyone I come in contact with, and rethink my ability to positively impact the world for the rest of my life. I can't wait to start using what I have learned to begin transforming other people's lives. You are one of the most amazing people I have ever met and I am truly blessed to know you!! Thank You!”
Kevin Stoffel — Denver, CO
alt“RAMP has helped not only me but my entire family, I felt for so many years that I was stuck on ‘3 to get ready’ and couldn't get myself to take the leap of faith and make things happen in my business and personal life. Through RAMP I was able to move forward and have closure from past experiences allowing me to finally take that leap of faith and move forward.  I no longer feel the thought barriers in my thinking that once held me back and the weight of my past is gone. I have given myself permission from my head (what I know to be true) to my heart (the reality of what is) and truly love what I am doing with my personal and business life.”
Kim Mittelstadt — San Antonio, TX



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