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Put Magic in Your Message and a Fortune in Your Future!TM*
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Learn Business-Building Strategies that Really Work!
Build Relationships that Can Last a Lifetime!
Get Up-Close-and-Personal with 29 Experts!
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At the Extravaganza, you will meet industry experts such as Michael Gerber, author of E-Myth and international expert on small business success and Marcia Wieder, Jack Canfield's coach.
Get thousands of dollars worth of free advice and thousands more in business building gifts that you can use immediately to grow your business and increase your income.
Renew and re-energize as you enjoy the daily entertainment and network with dozens of your peers. You will also receive over $3,000 in business-building gifts and bonuses, and have the opportunity to win one or more of over $30,000 in prizes. AND all this takes place among the magic of the world famous Magic Castle. 

The 3-DAY CONFERENCE (3 days of real magic which includes breakfast and lunch each day) is just $697 $597.  

PLUS - If you would like to benefit from being a published author, consider the package that includes your own chapter in one of the upcoming READY, AIM... books.
In the hands of promotional expert, Viki Winterton, the Ready, Aim… book series has become quite a phenomenon. Ready, Aim, Excel! became a Best Seller and is still at the top of the charts in its category.
The next books in the series are Ready, Aim, Influence! and Ready, Aim, Inspire! There are slots available in each right now, but they are filling fast so if you want the benefit of being a published author (perhaps a Best-Selling author), this is the way to do it. It is super simple. You don’t even have to do the writing. The chapters are produced through an interview process and the recorded interview is transcribed for the book.
The FULL PACKAGE WITH BOOK CHAPTER participation is just $1,687 $1,587. 
Put Magic
in Your Message
and a Fortune
in Your Future!TM
This extraordinary event is for you if you are:
  • Having trouble getting known in a crowded market
  • Finding attracting clients often and easily a challenge
  • Not enjoying tremendous business and list growth through joint ventures and partnering
  • Not receiving enormous return from time spent with new technology and on the web
  • Finding that free press, PR, showcase opportunities and attention from the media are eluding you
  • Looking for rich, real content, and an up close and personal experience, not fluff
  • Tired of the hype and sales pitch fests, where you have no contact with experts and no time to network with your peers at events
  • Looking for a unique opportunity to be published, promoted and showcased with leading experts
You'll Have a Life and Business Transforming Experience:
  • Participate in Wisdom Circles and brainstorm ideas with experts
  • Discover the secrets of successful coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and writers providing rich, timely content
  • Get real, hands-on experiences with the latest tools and techniques in 4 powerful workshops
  • Connect with entreprenuers from around the world, make new friends and build powerful connections in 9 networking sessions
  • Evolve new and better ways to grow your business
  • Enjoy 4 Expert Panels with Q & A
  • Get up close and personal with expert panelists all day, every day
  • Earn CCEUs from the International Coach Federation for attending
  • Savor delicious breakfasts, lunches and a magical evening of entertainment
  • Have a chance to win over $30,000 in prizes
  • Receive gift bags each valued at over $3,000 filled with valuable tools you can use to grow your business, increase your income and free up your time
  • Secure your place as a co-author in the new book, Ready, Aim, Captivate! with Best-Selling Authors, including Deepak Chopra and Jim Stovall.
You'll leave with:
  • Secrets for building and growing an extraordinary business
  • Tools for creating more personal freedom and a superior quality of life
  • Guaranteed solutions for fast, permanent removal of blocks to your success
  • A Recipe for becoming irresistible to clients and to the media
  • Ingredients for putting magic in your message
  • Strategies for getting known as an expert in your niche
  • Crystal clear clarity on how to use your creativity to put a fortune in your future
  • Insight into how to create joint ventures and partnerships to launch you to success
  • Keys to demystifying and mastering the web
  • Connections with extensive influence for business profitability
  • Knowledge of great ways to get highly paid doing what you love
Get Up-Close-and-Personal with 29 Industry Experts!

Marcia Wieder, CEO, Dream University, Dream Coach to Oprah and Jack Canfield
Peggy McColl, Best-Selling Author, Mentor to the World's Top Writers
Jennifer Wilkov, Best-Selling Author, Spokesperson & Impactful Business Consultant
Elizabeth Marshall, Author, Client, and Media Magnet,Co-Founder of Book Breakthrough
Ann Farrell, Founder, "Coaching for Corporate", and "Your Corporate Success"
Kim Ades, The Mind Behind Journal Engine and Frame of Mind Coaching
Barb Wade, M.A., "The Coaches' Coach," Founder of "The 6-Figure Coach Academy"
Kate and John Stellar, the PR Machine who connected the dots for "The Secret"
Jackie Lapin, Author, Publisher, Broadcast Media Maven
Dr. Cathy Greenberg, Best-Selling Author, Leadership Expert, Executive Coach
Dr. Relly Nadler, Author, Corporate Coach and Emotional Intelligence Expert
Sharon Sayler, Author, What Your Body Says (And How to Master the Message)
Dan Janal, USA TODAY calls Dan “a true cyberspace marketing pioneer”
Christine Kloser, Author, Publisher, Transformational Coach - "Transform the World!"
Bert Martinez, Business Building Thought Leader
Michele PW, One of Today's Hottest Marketing Strategists.
Michael Charest, President, Business Growth Solutions
Dr. Sherry Buffington, Author, Coach, Psychologist, Developer of the Highly Acclaimed RAMP Method
James Malinchak, Speaking and Selling from the Stage Expert
Michael Gerber, Best Selling Authour and international Small Business Success Expert


One of Oprah's favorite interviews,

she showcased him on Best of Oprah her last season!
He has been an inspiration to the world,
and now he will be with us live to inspire you and your message!

And more surprises to come!
Since 2009 people can't stop talking about this extraordinary experience:
"Throughout the following 4 days, I had the opportunity to continually run into both panelists and participants from your event and they all stated that your event was the highlight of their conference week! Thank you for putting this together and for allowing me to be part of it! It truly offered dialogue long overdue and connections of a lifetime. It enables me to connect with wonderful coaches on important and expanding topics that ready me for the events of the days to come! As a panelist at last years event, a participant at this year's, the Extravaganza is one of my very favorite forums to both learn and offer a hand up to other coaches seeking to grow as well"
Ann Farrell, CPCC, PCC, Corporate Coach
"I want to extend my deepest and most heartfelt gratitude for including me in your first TCEE event. My experience was filled with joy and fun and I walked away having met some incredible individuals. You and your partner deserve all the best for a job well done!"
Coach Joshua Miller, Brand Specialist
"Fabulous people with big dreams all came together in one room to share our ideas, our inspiration as well as to get really authentic with one another, most importantly, to find ways to help and support each another. This is a very special event and you don't want to miss out."
Marcia Wieder. CEO, Dream University - Coach to Jack Canfield
"It has been a phenomenal experience, just genius. Everyone was so open, so willing to share. It meant so much to me."
Dr. Cathy Greenberg, NYT Best-Selling Author, Leadership Expert and Executive Coach
"The entire event was amazing! Here's to an annual one, Viki & Sherry."
Milana Leshinsky, Your Multiple Income Streams Business Coach
"Wanted to take this opportunity to praise all of you that pulled this Extravaganza together. I am so motivated to grow my business armed with incredible resources and follow-up materials to keep the ball rolling. I was impressed with the entire program; excellent speakers, great table talk with other professionals, fantastic prizes and surprises in the gift bag! Thank you for providing such a rich and valuable experience. With much gratitude and increased confidence."
Lori Ahles, LMSW
"I enjoyed the event, and want to thank you for including me. You did a great job organizing it! It was my favorite part of the whole ICF Conference week."
Ford Myers, Best-Selling Author, Career Expert
"The Coaches' and Entrepreneurs' Edge Extravaganza is a must do for every coach and entrepreneur wanting to take their business to higher levels and fully manifest their vision. Viki and Sherry have created an amazing event that will give you a great return on your investment. It was spectacular to get so much one on one time to visit with and learn from industry experts. I have had big insight after big insight for days since this conference and am so thankful that I had this opportunity. Thank you Viki and Sherry for putting on a career changing event!"
Dr. Eve Agee, Bestselling Author, Founder of the Transform Coaching Academy
"I thought the Coaches’ and Entrepreneurs' Edge Extravaganza event was terrific again this year. I learned a lot from the panelists and received some very good information from discussions with others attending. I think the format of changing tables is a great idea as participants have the opportunity to interact with so many others."
Dr. Corine Norgaard, Expert on Retirement
"As someone new to business, this was a great opportunity for me to network with experienced entrepreneurs and experts in so many different areas. The event was filled with relevant information that will help me immensely as I design my business. I enjoyed being there, feeling the energy in the room and networking with so many successful entrepreneurs."
DeeAnn Whetstone, Utah
* Put Magic in Your Message and a Fortune in Your Future!TM is a trademark of Dr. Sherry Buffington www.thecoachesedge.com - Notice provided September 2011
Ways You Can Experience
the Event of a Lifetime
September 19-21, 2012
The Magic Castle
Hollywood, CA
Select your option below:
3-Day Extravaganza with 30 Experts
3-Day Extravaganza PLUS Book Chapter
alt3-Day VIP Admission to the Event and to the entire private, historic Magic Castle Mansion.
Breakfast and Lunch with the experts each day.
30 Experts, 4 workshops, 4 expert panels, 3 wisdom circles, 9 networking sessions.
Unique & easy networking sessions with experts & peers up close and personal all day, every day.
Free valet parking and hotel discounts.
Collaborate with best-selling authors, literary mentors, top copy writers, and publishing experts.
3 opportunity packed days - Total of $30,000 in business, publishing, and broadcast awards, and each attendee receives $4,500 in gifts.
altBONUS # 2: Exclusive ticket to 3 professional magic shows on 1 magical evening with the top magicians in the world. 
altYOUR INTERVIEW published in new book alongside some of thegreatest visionaries of our time!
Massive promotion:  Professional book publicist and expert PR team will create and circulate professional book release announcements to vital literary channels and to millions on the web!
Expansive distribution on Amazon & Kindle, online retailers, bookstores, libraries, academic institutions, and distributors within the United States and Europe.
10 copies of book provided to you to start, option to order more ongoing at wholesale for 100% book sale profit to you. 
Full eBook and eBook preview provided to instantly expand your mailing list and product offering!  
So easy - it's all done for you!
altBONUS # 3: Special teleconference with professional book Publicist and PR Expert, Bert Martinez, author of How to WOW the Media and Get Great Press!
altBONUS # 4: A full year's quarterly subscription to Published! Magazine online, 80 pages, where top authors and publishing professionals share their treasured resources.
altBONUS # 5: Exclusive teleclass: Dr. Joe Vitale shares insight on how to put Action into The Law of AttrAction to make it work for you in every area of your life!
altBONUS # 6: Exclusive teleclass: Neale Donald Walsch answers the most pressing questions for guaranteed and lasting success in our world of change!
altBONUS # 7: Enjoy FREE membership to Write Away, Write Now! and 6 weeks of guided journaling at this global writers' community, where you will find everything you need no matter where you are on your writing journey.
altI WANT IT ALL!  3 Mind-Blowing Days, 30 Experts and YOUR INTERVIEW published in new book alongside some of the greatest visionaires of our time and all the bonuses!
altBONUS # 8: You will receive special surprise gift and acknowledgment during our Ready, Aim Book Awards celebration on Thursday evening... 
altBONUS # 9 ...and on Friday - The World Famous, Private Houdini Séance dinner to 7 book co-authors – YOU may be selected by special drawing!
RESERVE YOUR PLACE NOW:  Alumni Special - Save $100
3 Days
Reg $697
3 Days/Book
Reg $1,687
See you at the Magic Castle!
Sherry Buffington, Viki Winterton and Gina Morgan

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