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Support Your Core

by Craig Copeland

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It's hard to achieve your goals if you don't have a CORE group of people who are supporting you.  I've said it before, highly successful people use the support of others to keep themselves motivated and moving forward.  They do this same practice again and again until they reach their objective.

A CORE group of people who you meet with on a regular basis and support you is incredibly essential to your success - and you in turn support them to reach their own goals.  But beware, when you lean on these people, it's often easy to dump on them too.

Just imagine that you are feeling really pumped about something, and you are meeting with someone from your CORE group, only to have them completely dump everything they've been going through right on top of your emotional high.  It's pretty hard to stay pumped about your stuff when you are carrying the burden of another member of the group.

Or maybe everyone in the group is ecstatic about their own wins - and you dump your overwhelm right in their laps.  I'm guessing you wouldn't be part of the group for much longer.

One of the hardest things for me, as you can probably guess, is that I love to talk.  And it is a real challenge for me to let the other person talk and really participate and not just wait for my turn to chime in or share.  It's about being committed to the other person and making it all about them.  When done successfully, they think YOU are such a good talker when you really haven't said a thing.  I use an example in the book to illustrate good listening techniques you could use.

You must support and encourage the people in your group as they do for you in PP1.  It's the only way to succeed.  As the saying goes - "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."

Follow these simple steps to support your CORE and get the most out of the relationship:

Face to face contact on a regular basis is IMPORTANT whenever possible.

Do not use this CORE to dump your emotions onto.  Constructive and positive feedback is a bonus.  Learn to really listen to the people in your CORE.  Let them put their trust in you through sharing and commitment.  Strengthen each member of your CORE.  As they grow, you grow.  Remember, you are only as strong as the people who support you - and if you can't fully support them, they can't fully support you either.  It's easy to use your CORE to complain and gripe, but resist that temptation.

Always meet with your CORE with a positive attitude, ready to listen, and slow to complain.  The benefits are amazing, and well worth the lesson in patience and restraint!

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Craig Copeland has 15 years experience as a high-level personal assistant and as the Executive Personal Assistant for two top motivational speakers and trainers.  He is the author of two books and founder of Reach Now Institute.

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