Growing Your Business (C'ching)

Checklist for Client Commitment
By Sherry Buffington, PhD

To ensure that you connect with your prospects and turn them into committed clients, be sure you communicate to them what is important. Many prospective clients will not ask questions that will result in creating enough interest to inspire them to become your client. To ensure that you give them the information they need, answer each of the following questions now and build as many of the answers as you can into your 30-second introduction. The goal in the introduction is to get prospects to ask "How do you do that?" That question opens the door for you to then add details. Be sure your explanation of what you do answers all 7 questions from the prospects perspective. All buyers are tuned into one frequency: WIIFM (What's in it for me?). Answer that question to their satisfaction using the 7 questions to guide you and you will have far better success turning prospects into clients.

Be Sure You Have:

  1. Asked questions to discover the prospect’s wants and perceived needs

  2. Focused your conversation on demonstrating that you understood their wants and needs

  3. Answered the following questions whether or not the prospect asked them:

o What can you do for me that I can’t do for myself?

o Do your methods, processes and/or procedures really work?

o Will they work for me?

o Will it take long?

o Will it be hard work?

o Will it be worth the time and money I invest?

o What makes you my best choice?

o Why Should I do this now?

Moving People from Prospect to Raving Fan

Prospective clients are looking for just one thing; extraordinary results.

Demonstrate that you can provide them and you will have their interest.

Get their interest and they will be open to listening and learning more.

Get thim listening and you can show them your value.

Show them your value and many will become clients and/or will refer clients.

Provide clients with continued extraordinary results and you will have their commitment.

Get their commitment and you have a dedicated fan.

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